We traveled 4,000 miles in my beat up Subaru Outback  through Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and the great state of Texas. We got to meet up with old friends and made some wonderful new ones. This tour was one of the best experiences of my life although Im pretty sure the Texas police were trying to capture us and sell us to a work farm. I want to thank everyone that

Sometimes you just have to crawl into a Subaru Outback with an old friend and go on a quest. This year I have been on several quests, some have been fruitful some not so fruitful, but it is my mission in life to blow rays of happiness and sunshine up your sour hole because….I love you.

Hey Everyone. Please take a moment to donate to my upcoming tour. The Quit Your Day Job Comedy Tour first took off in 2012 with myself, Matt Ward and JC Ratliff. This time around it’s just Matt and I hitting the road beginning January 19th at JJ’s Bohemia in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We are going out for longer than the first tour, 15 days instead of 11, as well. Matt wrote

Big thanks to David Dettmering for hooking me up with a great show in Auburn. Fishizzle’s is a awesome spot for comedy and we had a perfect crowd! David, River Morris, Stu Cookson and Krysti Snyder were hilarious and I can’t wait to come back …WAR DAMN EAGLE!……Also I don’t really think David has sand fleas in his beard I just have major beard envy.    

Huntsville was a great stop for the Hobo Nickel Tour. Matthew Tate put together an amazing show for me and the Huntsville comics showed me big love. Huntsville has an amazing comedy scene and I can’t wait to come back. I got a chance to take my sock off on stage and I saw a dude get hit with a tomato …..WIN!  

Back on the road dishing out my folksy biracial delights this October. If I pass through your town please stop by so that we may become friends.  

I had a great night in Crossville. Last Call is one of those old school bars that treats everyone like family. Yankee and Kiley Gray set us up right and I got to witness Lance Adams kick some McAss!    

The SweetWater Brewing Company was the perfect place to end my tour.The crowd and comics were awesome and the beer was great! This has been one hell of a ride and I cant wait to go back out on the road in October!  

I dont know what you have heard about the Degenerate Comedy crew down in Fort Lauderdale but they are a rock solid group of comics that will have your back on the road. I loved performing at The Kreepy Tiki, plus Damien Figler and crew treated me like one of their own. I cant wait to come back you guys kick the ass.